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Rose Coconut Cream Fruit Salad

Creamy fruit salad is one of the easiest dessert i guess!! Some whipped cream some essence and fruits makes an exotic and delicious dessert !!

What you need for the fruit salad:
3 cups - Watermelon, Musk Melon, Grapes, Kiwi, Apple,

What you need for the rose coconut cream:
1 cup - Fresh cream
3 tbsp - Powdered Sugar
1 tsp - Rose essence
2 tbsp - Dry Coconut Flakes
How to make:
Blend the above ingredients to smooth creamy texture.

Add the fruits to the cream mix them well refrigerate till chilled and Serve!!

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Wheat Parotta with Broccoli Riatha

Simple Wheat Parotta and broccoli raitha for a lonely Sunday afternoon lunch works great !! 

What you need for Wheat Parotta:2 cups - Whole wheat flour
1/4 cup - Warm milk

3/4 cup - Mild Hot water
Oil as per need


How to make:
Mix all the ingredients knead well and keep it aside.
Divide the dough into equal portions roll as circles brush with little flour over the rolled circle and roll as swiis cake roll and form an round shaped and flatten it. Now roll it again into round shaped as parotta.
In a tava cook paratha on both sides by drizzling some oil. 

What you need for Broccoli Raitha:Recipe
1 cup - Broccoli (grated)
½ cup – Cucumber (finely chopped)
2 cups - Yogurt
2 nos - Green Chillies (minced)
2 tbsp - Fresh Coriander (chopped)
¼ tsp - Ginger (minced)
¼ tsp - Cumin Seeds ½ tsp - Oil 
Salt as reqd 

How to make:
In a pan heat oil add cumin seeds, ginger, chillies and sauté for 1 min. Add broccoli, salt and sauté for 3-4 minutes.

Meanwhile in a bowl add yogurt, cucumber, coriander add the s…


South Indian daily breakfast is majorly idli and podi. My life is incomplete if i dont grind idli podi once in a month and idli batter every week. I will be lost if these are not thr in my kitchen. This podi idli was always in my mind but have never tried it even once. Last week happened to hope into GRT Hightime they served these podi idlies and it was not upto the mark. Too much of hing had spoiled the Rs.375 worth dish. Made this the next day and it was too damn good. What you need for Idli batter:
6 cups – Idli Rice 1 cup – Urad dhal ½ tsp – Methi seeds Water as reqd Salt as reqd
How to make Idi Batter: Soak Urad dhal and rice with methi seeds separately for 6 hours. Grind urad dhal with little water and grind till fluffy and soft. Grind rice until smooth.
Mix both the batter well add salt mix them well and ferment over nite during summer just ferment for 3 hours.
Rub the idli pan with oil pour the batter and steam for 10 mins.

What you need for podi:
3 tbsp - Idly podi (will post the recipe…

Restaurant Style Kadai Paneer

Its everyone's wish to prepare restaurant style food at home and being a vegetarian recreating restaurant style food at home is not a tough task at all. And one such dish is this Kadai Paneer were we end up spending at least Rs.150 in a decent place and it goes up till Rs.375. My  search ended up at Veg recipes and it tasted exactly restaurant style.
What you need:
2 cups - Paneer/ Cottage cheese (cubed)
1 no - Onion (finely chopped)
2 - Tomatoes (chopped)
4 pods - Garlic (chopped)
1/2 tsp - Ginger (chopped)
1 cup - Green, Yellow and red bell peppers (diced)
8 nos - Red chilies, dry roasted
1.5 tbsp - Coriander seeds, dry roasted
1 tbsp - Kasuri methi
1/2 tsp - Garam masala 
3 tbsp - Fresh coriander (chopped)
2 tbsp - Oil
Salt as reqd How to make:

In a kadai heat oil once hot add onion, ginger and garlic saute till the raw smell disappears.

Add the tomatoes saute till they soften, Meanwhile pound the coriander seeds and red chillies to a coarse  powder.

Once tomatoes soften add the powder mix well …

Bottlegourd Watermelon Quencher

Bottle gourd is a wonderful veggie during summer it helps retains body salts and keeps thirst quenched. Watermelon is a gift during summer its n number of benefits and taste is unlimited.
What you need:
1 cup - Bottle gourd (chopped)
1 cup – Water Melon (chopped)
1 tsp – Honey
1 tsp – Lemon juice
4 nos – Mint leaves
½ cup – Chilled Water

How to Make:
Peel bottle gourd skin, remove the seeds n chop into small pieces. Taste a bite they should not be bitter. Same ways remove the seeds from the watermelon and chop it.

In a mixer add bottle gourd, water melon, honey, lime juice and mint leaves blend it until smooth and serve it chilled!!
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Tava Tofu Methi Khurchan

A perfect side dish for rotis n phulkhas for a quick Saturday dinner!! Methi n tofu work so well n there flavor compliments each other.
What you need:
2 cups - Tofu (crumbled)
1 cup - Methi leaves (picked n washed)
1 no - Big size onion (chopped)
2 nos - Tomatoes (chopped)
2 nos - Green chilly (chopped)
1/2 tsp - Cumin seeds 
1/4 tsp - Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp - Chilli powder
2 tbsp - Oil
Salt to taste
2 tbsp - Fresh Coriander (chopped) 

How to Make:
Heat the oil in a tava and add the cumin seeds once they crackle add onions, green chillies and saute well add methi mix them well and let it cook for a min.

Now add tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes. Add the tofu, turmeric, chilli powder,salt and mix them well.

Cook for 3 - 4 mins.Add fresh coriander and serve hot!!
The recipe is from Tarla Dalal's Stir - Fry this book is the giveaway which i won at Foodelicious blog!! and am so happy to share this recipe.

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Kambhu / Bajra / Pearl Millet - Adai

Pearl millet / Kambhu is a healthy and highly recommended cholesterol lowering grain. Its mostly used to make rotis and commonly seen in North Indian houses. Wanted to try adai with Kambhu it was so nutty in flavor and totally yummy.
What you need for the Batter:
1 cup - Pearl millet Flour 1/2 cup - Rice 1/4 cup - Thoor dhal  1/4 cup - Channa dhal 1/4 cup - Uradh dal  1/4 cup - Yellow Moong Dhal 6 nos - Red chilli 1/4 " - Ginger, chopped
Fot the tempering: 1 no - Onion, finely chopped 2 nos - Green chilli, chopped 1/4 tsp - Cumin seeds 1/4 tsp - Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp - Turmeric powder  1/4 tsp - Asafoetida  1 sprig - Curry leaves Salt as reqd Oil as reqd

How to make:
Soak Rice, Thoor dhal, Channa dhal, Uradh dhal ,Yellow Moong Dhal for 4 hours and grind coarsely with red chillies and ginger.
Add the batter to the pearl millet flour add salt, turmeric powder, asafoetida mix them well and rest for 2 hours.

In a pan heat 1 tsp oil add mustard seeds once it cracks add cumin seeds, onion, curry leaves, gree…


This is a must try recipe of Karnataka. I was introduced to this yummy and healthy dish by my neighbor 80 yr old aggi during my school days. She ensures to make this for Sunday lunch and my dad n me love it. Ragi Mudde with Hurali palya is an awesome combination. 

It came as an surprise to me during my recent visit to Bangalore happened to eat ragi mudde with 2 veg gravies and a salad and he charged me Rs.8 for ragi mudde while my colleagues who had biriyani were charged Rs.150 but still they were not happy with its taste and i was in all smiles i loved it to the core. 
What you need for Palya:
2 cups - Horse Gram (dry roasted and cooked for 7 – 10 whistles with 3 cups of water and 1/2 tsp salt)
1 no - Onion (finely chopped)
2 nos - Tomatoes (finely chopped)
1 tbsp – Garlic (chopped)
1 tsp - Ginger (finely chopped)
1 tsp - Red Chilli powder
1 tsp - Coriander powder
1/4 tsp - Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp - Asafoetida
1 tsp – Cumin seeds
1/2 tsp - Mustard seeds
2 tbsp - Coriander leaves (chopped)
1 sprig…


Spicy chettinad mushroom masala an awesome veg dish perfect with Indian breads or steamed rice.

For the spice powder: 5 to 8 nos - Dry red chilli 1 tsp - Coriander seeds 1 tsp - Black pepper corns 1/2 to 1 tsp - Fennel seeds 1/2 tsp - Poppy seeds 1 no each  - Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon stick
How to Make: Dry roast all these ingredients and ground to fine powder.
For gravy:
1 pkt- Mushroom 1no - Onion 2 nos - Tomato
1tsp -  Ginger and garlic paste  2 nos  - Green chilli (slit)  2 sprig - Curry leaves 2 tbsp - Oil Salt as reqd
How to make:
Heat 1/2 tsp oil in pan saute mushrooms until crunchy and set aside.This point is to make sure that the curry doesn't turn mushy if not sauteed and added.

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan fry green chillies, curry leaves, onion, ginger n garlic sauté well. 
Add the tomatoes cook until it softens, add the sauteed mushrooms, spice powder salt and cook until the oil leaves the sides and the curry thickens. 
1/4 cup water can be added and simmered for a gravy like consistency…