04 February 2011


In my mother in laws house maa vilakku is offered on Thai Vellikizhamai for the family goddess (Kula Deivam - Vaathalakadu Magamayee)

My hubbys manni gave me a detailed demo last year on the same and now I am on my own…

The lamp is lit by wearing madisaar (iyer style - 9 kajam saree)

Rice flour and jaggery is mixed and the lamp is lit inserting a wick in it with ghee.


2        Cups - Raw Rice
1        Cup - Jaggery  (crushed roughly)
2 Nos – Cardamom (powdered)
2 Tbsps - Ghee
2- Panju Thiri (wick)


Wash the rice and soak it for 15 minutes, drain the water and spread it on cloth so that the moisture in the rice is absorbed by the cloth and it dries off quickly.

Grind the rice in a mixer slowly (the mixer becomes hot) and sieve it. 

Now to the rice flour add the powdered jaggery and cardamom powder.

In a clean silver plate / thambalam spread the mixture make two small insertions in the middle of the mixture pour ghee in the middle and place the wick.

Place the thambalam on the maa kolam and surround the vilakku with flowers and place the coconut and neivedhiyam offerings. 

The lamp is lit and the puja is done as per the custom.

Before the lamp goes off the wick is removed with the help of thengai naar (coconut) using two hands and kept on the other thambalam.

Coconut is diced and mixed along with the maa vilakku and offered as prasadham with vetrilai pakku to near and dear ones.

Above all traditional customs and beliefs I love to eat this prasadam (maa vilakku) it tastes yummy.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful description,even I love maa vilakku maa.

  2. Dear Kalpana,
    Good Evening!
    I have never heard this festival before.Thanks for the information and photos are amazing.
    I love to wear a madisaar.
    I love to follow our traditions and culture.
    Keep writing.

  3. Great post..thanks for sharing :)

    US Masala

  4. In my house this is done on any one Purattasi Saturdays, mostly 3rd, and the ladies eat food after the light in maa vilakku 'malai yerina piraghu'(meaning after the light goes off)There is a traditional feast that follows with vadai and payasam.