24 March 2014


I call the lucky ones are those who have left Chennai during this peak summer. The mercury has risen and so is my thirst. 

Anyways, I have told my brains not to stop over at any fresh juice shops for thirst quenchers where they load the drinks with sugar and milk. 

I prefer lassis over milkshakes hmmm well cant say so I prefer milkshakes too.. Anything quenching my thirst is wat i need.. n now heads to tis yummy creamy chocolate lassi ..
What you need:
Yogurt - 1 cup
Cocoa Powder - 1 tbsp
Chocolate pieces - 2 tbsp
Chocolate syrup - 2 tsp
Organic Brown Sugar - 2 tbsp (or more if reqd)
Almonds - 2 tsp (chopped)

How to make:
Blend yogurt, cocoa powder, sugar and chocolate pieces until smooth.

Spread chocolate syrup on the inside of the glass. Pour lassi and garnish with chopped almonds n chocolate syrup n more chocolate pieces for a heavenly sin. Serve chilled.!!


  1. that's an awesome lassi... would love to sip it now!

  2. Refreshing yummy drink

  3. now this is really interesting !!! definitely wortha try !!

  4. Thank god am not in India now.. Wat an irresistible lassi, i can drink a gallon of this fantastic drink.

  5. Anyone would love this Kalps. yummy

  6. Superb way to keep ur kool....even we have started lassis/milkshakes in a big way!!! So hot in March!!!

  7. Never tried chocolate lassi, but I can down any kind of lassi. And this looks so tempting. Summer in India gets bad each year.