05 March 2014


Everyone loves to cook but not always.. sometimes when m so much lazed up a quick sandwich is wat all i can think off.. with some hot piping flavored tea.. 

It makes a perfect meal if it is made of wheat bread. Loads of fresh mint leaves have blossomed in my balcony garden and made chutney with them.
What you need for green chuntey:
1/2 cup - Coriander n Mint leaves (each)
2 nos - Green chilies
1 tsp - Lemon juice
Salt as reqd

How to make:
Grind all until smooth add water to grind it.
What you need for Sandwich:
4 slices - Wheat Bread
1/2 cup - Cucumber, onion, tomato, potato (sliced)
Green chutney
Salt n Pepper as reqd
1 tbsp - Low cal Butter

How to make:
Spread butter and then spread green chutney on one slice arrange veggies and sprinkle salt n pepper and cover with another slice which is chutney spreaded.

Heat grilled pan spread olive oil and place the sandwich toast until crispy cut it as you dezire and serve immediately with a piping hot glass of cranberry n apple tea.


  1. like that second click da so perfect and neat..

  2. It is one of recipe which I often eat at office. simple yet filling.

  3. Omg, i want that plate rite now..Irresistible sandwich..

  4. is the potato cooked? and looks great

  5. Beautiful pictures...So tempting

  6. We too make it in the same way. My daughter loves it. Looking yumm..

  7. wow such an tempting chutney sandwich looks fantastic :) I wud love grab some :)

  8. Yummy sandwich...looks inviting

  9. irresistable sandwich... really nice...

  10. simple and delicious sandwich..