17 April 2014


Friday morning 9.20 am show .. yaa i don't mind watching my fav author's book made into movie.. 2 states.. enjoyed reading the book hope same with the movie.. I hv started going alone for movies which my SH does not prefer to watch on big screens.. so once the movies trailers are out i question him "are you gonna watch it" if he say's no.. glad i go watch em myself....

It's gonna be sooper hot while i return from the movie so made a pitcher full of my fav mango limeade and refrigerated it..

Mango season is back but the true flavorful n juicy mangoes hv still not reached the market.. Still i can't resist myself from buying em..
What you need:
1 no - Mango, skin peeled and chopped
1 no - Lime juice
2 tbsp - Sabja seeds (soaked over nite in half cup water)
Honey to taste
1 cup - Water
Ice cubes

How to make:
Blend mango piece until smooth in a jar add lime juice, honey, sabja seeds, ice cubes stir well and serve chilled!! 


  1. u should not tempt me much ... awesome click loved it completely

  2. That's a lovely combination.. yummy!!

  3. Refreshing lemonade,and am too going to watch it this week

  4. wow love the basil seeds...gives it exotic look

  5. You are killing me with this lemonade, wish i live in chennai so that i may join you for a glass of this juice.

  6. Pudhusu pudhusa you always come up with new things.Keep them coming!!