03 July 2017

Go Parathas at The Right Place, The Residency

Square, Triangle, Rolled, Layered, Laccha, Wheat, Plain, Stuffed whatever these are, Parathas have a special place in Indian Cooking and in our minds. A good slather of desi ghee / butter with achar (pickle) and dahi (curd) or a thecha (crushed green chilli raw peanut chutney) is what needed to devour with the Parathas. These days many fusion parathas have entered the kitchen, a western twist to Indian flat bread like Pizza Paratha, Noodles stuffed Paratha, Chocolate / Hazelnut spread stuffed Paratha and what not to match up with the Global Audience taste buds.

The Right Place at The Residency have come up with Paratha Menu for the Traditional Paratha lovers with few Kids Special on their menu too.

Our Dinner started with Ceylon Paratha served with Sirke Wale Pyaaz, Dahi, Makhan and Salna (a South Indian Side dish made with ground spices) and some sliced onions. 

Next came int the Plain Reshmi Parathas, they were prepared the way Rumali Rotis are made. These were too soft and went well with lehsun chutney. 

Next came in the set of assorted and the most sought Spring Onion Parathas, Aloo Methi Parathas, Mutter Parathas very light on flavors and made a perfect company for butter. These were the best out of the lot cause Parathas are usually eaten for Breakfast in North Indian Homes and such light on tummy ones are the hit ones.

Pizza Parathas were made with whole wheat, loved the flavours in it, kids would sure love these with a squeeze of tomato sauce.

Not to miss my most favortite Egg parathas / Rolls, Kolkata style. A light paratha with stuffed freshly sliced veggies makes it a complete satiating meal.

The Parathas gallore ended up with Mango Milkshake and Piping hot Thirunelveli Halwa.
The meal costs at Rs.249 plus taxes, if you wish to spend a "me time" with Family and Friends and some piping hot Parathas you know the place to be. 

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