10 October 2017

CHOCOLATE PEDA with Homemade Mawa / Khoya

CHOCOLATE PEDA using homemade mawa / khoya is one easiest diwali sweet which needs not much preperation and its a fool proof recipe. Store bought unsweetened mawa can also be used which simplifies work much easier. Kids will defiently love these chocolate pedas. Some chocolate chips can be filled in centre of the pedas and then they can be shaped too. It requires very less sugar compared to any other sweet and no oil, butter or ghee is used.

Ingredients for making Mawa / Khoya:
1 litre – Full fat milk

In a deep non stick pan bring milk to boil, once the milk starts to boil place a thick spoon or a small plate so that milk will not boil outside the pan. Reduce the flame and keep stirring.
Once milk starts thickening remove the spoon and keep scrapping the sides and continue until the milk completely evaporates and forms a thick mixture, remove and allow to cool and refrigerate for later use.

Ingredients for Chocolate Peda:
1 cup - Mawa / Khoya
1/2 cup - Sugar
2 tbsp - Chocolate powder
Pistcachios for granishing

Heat a non stick pan add mawa, sugar and keep stirring in low heat this mixture will turn soft, watery and then will start thickening.
At this stage add cocoa powder and mix well once it does not stick to the sides of the pan transfer to a plate and allow to cool but not completely.
Before it cools off completely pinch the dough, make into small balls, flat it little bit make a thumb impression in center add chopped pistas and arrange on a plate.
These stay well for 2 days when store in air tight container.

CHOCOLATE PEDA ready in less than one hour which makes a perfect Diwali gift as well as for our self.

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