24 July 2018


In my current LCHF (low carb high fat) diet plan the major missing is rice and secondly roti. Found a perfect alternative for roti recipe from here. With just 1 gram net carbohydrates these are ideal to go with any subzi / gravy / curries.

Ingredients for plain roti:
1 cup - Ground flax
2.5 tbsp - Psyllium husk powder
1/2 - Salt
1 cup - Water

Grind flax seeds in a mixer jar until smooth, do not allow the jar to become hot. Grind in portions if possible.

Add flax meal, salt, psyllium husk mix it a bowl

Bring water to good boil add to the mixture use a spoon / wooden spatula mix it, first it may be watery.

In few minutes it will harden up immediately. Do not allow to cool or dry, it has to be rolled immediately.

Divide in to portions, spread ghee / oil on a parchment paper / silicone mat / plastic sheet place the dough put another paper / sheet on it and roll it to 2mm thickness.

Remove the paper / sheet from the top, you can also use a sharp edged plate to cut them into perfect shape and remove the excess dough.

Heat a tawa take the mat and slowly invert roti on the tawa without breaking.

Cook on both the sides in medium heat with ghee / oil.

Spread oil / ghee and cook on the other side.

For the stuffed paratha:
Prepare the roti base as above, prepare the stuffing. Place the dough on the sheet pat it into a small disc place the stuffing, close the sides, place another sheet and roll it and cook as usual.

For methi paratha:
Add finely chopped methi leaves / veggies of your choice, chilii powder, jeera powder before adding hot water to the dough. Knead as usual and cook on a tawa.

For Kathi roll:
Same as above prepare the roti, add whisked eggs on the tawa, once the sides starts to cook add the roti on top allow them to stick together, flip the roti place your fillings.

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  1. Let me honestly admit I am not sure how tasty it would be except for your assuring words and tantalizing pictures!
    Good that you come up with recipe to suit different needs😊