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This is a 3 in 1 powder which i use for Kuzhambu n Sambar just the measures differ. This recipe is from my Manni and i've been preparing this for past 3 years. Cost of these powders have increased and its better to make them fresh at home.
What you need:
1/4 kg - Dry Red chillies
1/2 kg - Coriander seeds
150 gm - Thoor Dhal
100 gm - Channa Dhal
100 gm - Black peppercorns
50 gm - Fenugreek seeds
50 gm - Cumin seeds 
50 gm - Virali manjal / Turmeric powder
2 tsp - Mustard seeds
1 handful - Curry leaves

How to make:

Keep them in sun for couple of hours. Dry roast them in a kadai until they turn crispier and grind to fine powder.


  1. Nothing like homemade spice powder and every home has their secret proportions :-) till now amma has been doing the honours of this powder for me :P I think I must grow up soon. Lovely orange color to the powder Kalpana

  2. yummy color.....very useful post...

  3. Useful post, looks great dear !

  4. I cant imagine my pantry without this powder..But somehow i do small quantity too. Coz freshly grounded powder is always the best na.

  5. Tempting powder.. Flavorful & colorful :)

  6. look at those cute spice jars! love em!

  7. homemade is always best, very handy and flavorful podi.


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