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I adore banana flower and some one cleans it for me nothing like it that brings smile in me. The road side vegetable vendor had one pkt full of cleaned banana flower for one of his customer who did not turn up to pick it so me went lucky. 

Love making paruppu usuli with this veggie instead made chops with banana blossom for a evening snack it came out so well and tasted great. 

What you need:
Banana flower - 2 cups(Cleaned, chopped n boiled with salt n ground to paste)
Roasted gram - 1 cup or more
Ginger - 1 tsp (grated)
Green chilli paste - 2 tsp 
Cumin powder - 1/4 tsp
Fennel powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt as reqd
Oil to fry

How to make:
In a bowl add banana blossom paste, ginger, green chilli paste, cumin n fennel powder add salt mix well. 

Add roasted gram powder as reqd mix them well so that you are able to hold it. 

Deep fry and serve hot with some spicy onion tomtato chutney.


my fav.. nicely done.. so tempting
Shama Nagarajan said…
perfectly made...inviitng
aah..interesting ! with banana flowerts !! wow !!!

latest post on "pick quicks" blog - a very pleasantly happie-me.
Uma Ramanujam said…
Making chops instead usili is a nice idea. In fact it goes inside well than usili. Looks very appetizing Kalpana. BTW here roasted gram refers kadala mavu or powder of porikadalai?
Beena.stephy said…
Super healthy one
perfectly made these in vadas too
Priya Suresh said…
Omg, who will say no to these crispies, delicious and inviting chops.
Vimitha Anand said…
Looks so good Kalps... Would be perfect with curd rice
Sangeetha Priya said…
delicious chops, love the way you presented it...
Priyas Feast said…
My mom makes this in similar recipe as u do...Never seen stylish vazhapoo vada before,too good.
Nisha said…
Bookmarked , never tried chops using banana flower
Sona S said…
Nicely done, looks delicious and yummy.
Priya R said…
Beautiful chops :) and the set up is so good :)
Hema said…
Very perfectly done, and lovely clicks..
Arthy Suman said…
so mouth watering....awesome
I am literally slobbering here..Pass me the plate dear..
Shweta Arora said…
beautifully the color of these chops...just perfect