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This climate needs some hot corn rolled in spiced butter. it makes a perfect evening munch.. Absolutely loved this buttery spicy garlic flavored corn cobs.. low in calories guilt free munch if low cal butter is used.. 
What you need:
2 corn cobs - cleaned
100 gms - Low cal Butter, softened
2 pods - Garlic, chopped finely
1 tsp - Red Chilli flakes
1/3 cup - Fresh coriander 
1 tsp - Lemon juice
Salt as reqd

How to make:
Place the corn cobs in a pressure pan and cook with salt for 6 - 8 hisses.

Mix melted butter, garlic, lime juice, chilli flakes, coriander and salt if reqd in a bowl and give a nice mix and refrigerate.

After 15 mins remove the butter spread on the corn cobs and gobble.


Julie said…
looks buttery & yummy!
Mythreyi said…
It's raining here today, These corn makes my mouth water!
Ree Kasirajh said…
Perfect for this good n healthy!
Hema said…
Love these, healthy and delicious, lovely click..
Menaga sathia said…
super guilt free snacks..yumm!!
Ankita said…
i lovee cob. In India we call it 'bhutta' and i love its roasted type more than boiled. never tried with garlic, will do the next time :)