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Spring onion Pesto can be delightful on a bread as a spread, tossed on pasta and also as a dipping sauce. Traditionally pine nuts are used for pesto i went for my choice with almonds n water melon seeds. 

Spread generous amount of pesto on wheat slices topped with crunchy seasonal veggies , cheese makes a healthy start for the day.

What you need:
1 cup - Spring onions, green parts
1/2 cup - Coriander, roots removed
1/4 cup - (Almonds n watermelon seeds toasted) 
2 cloves - Garlic
Juice of half lemon
1/2 cup - Cheese, shredded
1/4 cup - Olive oil
Salt n pepper as reqd

How to make:
In a food processor / mixer add spring onions, coriander, garlic, nuts n seeds, lemon juice, salt n pepper n grind to a rough paste. Slowly add Olive oil some till you get a smooth paste.

Transfer to a bowl and add shredded cheese n mix well n refrigerate.

What you need for Sandwich:
Loaf of whole wheat bread
Shredded Cheese / Cheese slices
Vegetables (Lettuce, Purple cabbage, Green n Red tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions - thinly sliced)

How to Assemble:
Spread pesto over each slices n top with veggies, cheese, grill and serve warm.


That's good deal loved ur food processor
Maha Gadde said…
very healthy n nice pics.
Shweta Arora said…
Yumm, love this combination and your looks delicious
Wow sandwich looks so tempting,nice clicks