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There is no hard and fast rules in making salads. It all depends upon whatever is left in the refrigerator. Some days are salad days!! This cold weather demanded some warm salad and here is the one i made for my lunch!! 

Green Tomatoes are well in season and utilizing them is a must for salad lovers. Salads are always nutritious since they are not cooked the nutrients from the veggies are fully consumed. 

What you need:
2 nos - Green Tomatoes, sliced
2 nos - Red Tomatoes, sliced
Few - Red Onion, sliced
Few - Purple Cabbage, shredded
Few - Tri colored Bell peppers, sliced
Fresh Mint leaves

For Dressing:
1 tsp - Olive oil
1 tsp - Apple cider Vinegar or any other Fruit Vinegar
Few Red chilli flakes
Salt n Pepper as reqd

Add above all in a bowl whisk well and set aside.

How to make:
Heat a tsp Olive oil on a grill pan place the sliced tomatoes, sprinkle salt n pepper turn to the other side n get it cooked. Do not over cook the tomatoes once they get lightly charred remove n set aside.

Arrange tomatoes on a plate, add sliced veggies, drizzle the dressing generously n enjoy the warm salad for this cold winter topped with fresh mint!!


  1. You are coming up with new ideas like using green tomatoes!!

  2. Healthy and colorful salad.

  3. Brilliant salad and photography!

  4. healthy salad ,colorful as well!

  5. awesome salad, love tomatoes... and what fresh mint, wow...


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