06 February 2015

WHITE PASTA SAUCE (no flour / no cheese)

White Pasta sauces are made with APF / Maida with loads of cheese and milk which gives the perfect creamy texture. This cheaters version has no flour/ cheese nothing, but still it did turn creamy.

What you need:
2 cups - Cauliflower florets
1 cup - Milk
10 nos - Cashews, powdered
2 pods - Garlic 
1/2 tsp - Salt
Generous pinch of red chilli flakes / cayenne pepper, italian seasoning, black pepper and fresh herbs

How to make:
Cook cauliflower in salted water until tender and cool it down.

In a processor add cauliflower florets, cashew powder, milk, garlic and blend until smooth. Transfer to a container add chilli flakes, salt, pepper, fresh and dried herbs and give a nice mix and its ready to go with pasta.

*Instead of fresh garlic / garlic powder can be used which makes the strong flavor of garlic bit lighter.

* Salt can be increased or decreased.

*Milk depends upon the consistency we need. It's better to keep it not so runny.

*Sauce can be cooked in simmer and be stored in air tight container for ready to use too.


  1. same story happens in my home :) once your husband gets used to all different varieties of food everyday, its hard to change them to follow healthy eating :) never tried this version with cauliflower da will give a try..

  2. This effort has to be appreciated Kalpana. Being a Nutritionist, I have never taken much time to invent such things. I think substituting Almonds and Peanuts instead of Cashews would also work. Good!!

  3. Def a dieters choice...looks so delicious!

  4. sounds interesting and healthy, great idea :)

  5. This just is really good... nobody would miss the flour and the cauliflower adds to all its value...

  6. Loved your version of white sauce :) looks really good..