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This combination of Banana and Mango are match made in heaven. Both these fruits give a natural thickness and creaminess to the smoothies. Addition of match green tea to the smoothie will provide the required antioxidants. Almond milk, coconut milk, non diary milk anything works fine for this smoothie if you want to keep it vegan else usual milk can be used.

What you need:
1 cup - Mango flesh
1 no - Banana
2 tbsp - Matcha green tea powder
1 cup - Soya milk
Few ice cubes if required

How to make: 
Blend Mango with half cup soya milk and pour in the glasses until half, now blend banana, green tea powder and left soya milk blend it and pour over the mango smoothie. 


KParthasarathi said…
Haven't tasted this combo even with regular milk let alone coconut or almond milk.Looks appealing.Will ask daughter to make
Rafeeda AR said…
so beautifully layered!
Magees kitchen said…
Creamy and Yummy!
Shobha said…
Looks lovely with the two colours standing out. Heard about this tea but never used it