17 July 2017


Courtyard by Marriott has come up with a new theme to woo its customers on Wednesdays with "Chef's Playlist" themed buffet for Dinner. With live Music in the background the dining experience is yet another soulful experience. Specially curated Menu with Street foods from around the world were the Key point of the theme. On the day we visited it was American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian (Punjabi). The cuisine will be on a rotational basis covering the top street foods of the world along with regular Indian and Continental food.

The buffet meal started with Mocktail stall which had fresh Tender Coconut Lemonade.

and then followed by the American counter which served Sandwiches, Sliders, Hot Dogs. Moving on to the next and to my favorite Mexican counter which had Tacos, Fajitas, Salsas. Loved the corn tacos with veggie filling and sour cream and of course with their summer special Raw mango salsa (not to be missed)

Love the Fajitha Counter too which was a fully loaded Mexican street food scene with mashed red beans, pickled veggies, pickled olives, fresh peppers, cheesy sauces rolled and served warm.

Then the Chinese counter with variety of Dimsums, Soup and variety of sauces for the dimsums to be dipped and relished. Tried some piping hot Veg Dim sums with the sauces which was suiting my taste buds.

Moving on to my most favorite part of the meal Punjabi / Pind De Chole Counter. Piping hot fresh Bhature and Chole with tongue tickling traditional Pickles, pikcled onions, green chillies brought back Delhi street food scene live. These were the bestest chole have ever tasted, freshly pounded masala gave the chole a whole new avatar. 

Also were a huge spread of Asian and Continental array of dishes, freshly made Pizzas, Salads, Soups, Assorrtment of freshly made Indian Breads with Indian Curries and Gravies (Veg and Non Veg)

Music Themed Dessert Counter needs a special mention with a huge array starting with Chocolate Profiteroles, Kiwi Pastry, Brownie Music Box, Chocolate Eclair Nutella, Chocolate Eclair, Black Forest Gateaux, Peanut Chocolate Eclairs, Music orange Mousse, Sangeet Strawberry Mousse and few Indian Sweets like Peda, Ladoo. But the winner was the Black forest Gateaux, sooper creamy melt in mouth cake with a fondant cover with musical notes. It was a visual treat at the dessert counter, musicians, musical instrument inscribed fondant cover for each and every dessert item. 

Check out Chef's Playlist at Paprika on Wednesdays for some lipsmacking Streets foods across the globe and some Indian Specialities at COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT.

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  1. What a large spread with bewildeing varieties of dishes and deicacies from varied cusines. When I face such a buffet, i am sure to get lost not knowing what to eat and what to skip from these mouthwatering temptations.There must be an art of optimising the satisfaction bytasting as many dishes as possible without filling the stomach. You need to write a pist on that.