16 November 2017

The Wharf 2.0 - Radisson BLU Templebay, Mahabalipuram, Chennai

The Wharf 2.0 - a cozy sea view restobar serving cuisines across the globe inspired by the 5 elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space. 

Everyone who knew me and Sareesh would for sure know that we are weekend wanderers and our favorite drive is on the east coast road. The invite from Radisson blu for their newly revamped sea view shack sure brought in so much excitement. The weather was just perfect for the ECR drive and we landed up on a breezy noon. We took the thatched roofed facing the waves, a table perfect for the relaxed date with friends and families amidst the decked up surf boards. 

There's a huge range of drinks to select from the bar menu. The first drink Sun kissed with native touch bowled me over made from Gin, Tender coconut water, Vettiver did kiss my throat and will be a repeater. Tat was one of a fusion which came with a perfect mix for my liking.

Then came in Mocktail Above Sea Level with berires and lycheee too sweet for my liking. 


Must mention about the billabong. cucumber juice infused vodka, khus syrup which delighted me.

The food menu carries all the 5 elements and were curated keeping in mind people across the globe. Each and every dish from this menu had a fascinating catch to it. Tikkis had eqaul quantity of aloo and shakkarkand rolled in, paneer ghee roast was marinated in idli podi / gun powder, Dastaan - e - kumbh a well marianted malai kumbh stuffed with pomegarante compote bit spiced and grilled to perfection.

Topped on my favorites the Crumbled Olives had a dip made with blue cheese and blue pea flower.

A must mention about the Thai Matcha Green Soup, a thin soup flavored with match powder, the base from roasted pumpkin, lemongrass, galangal, coconut milk and topped with edible flowers. Loved the brilliant, subtle flavors from the soup which was perfect for the windy weather.

Cute little buckets carrying curries and gravies which were served with Indian breads for our main course. Since we had a great start felt a bit lil lack with the flavors from the curries except for the Mushroom roast South Indian style. After Chef insisting us to try rice with paneer ghee roast from our starter we did and it was a sure pleasant surprise. Ghee podi with hot rice and a soft paneer blended everything together. 

Also had Aubergine, Zucchini Casserole a cheesy affair with right amount of Italian dried herbs. 

The best part of the menu and my favorite of course the dessert. We were served Hard Surprise and Gulab Jamun Cheesecake. 

Loved the Hard Surprise a perfect for sweet tooth's like me, a chocolate shell with good loads of crumbles, bits and pieces of cakes, Indian sweets, fresh fruits, chocolate mousses. It was a sure bomb and cldn't stop my self from digging in. 

Gulab Cheesecake was fire lit cotton candy and served with berry compote bit sweet for my liking yet a sure hit with gulab jamnu fans.

This place for sure will mark it selves in Chennai's Best Getaways for Family and Friends. 

I was invited for the lunch by Radisson Blu Templebay.

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