13 December 2017

Vazhaipoo Vadai | Banana Flower Vadai

Vazhaipoo Vadai / Banana flower is an excellent source of crude fibre, a healthy ingredient which should be included in our diet. My ammamma makes the best vadai, the key secret is both the dal and vazhaipoo ratio has to equal. In Restaurants / eateries the ratio of the vazhaipoo is hardly not even a handfull for a kilo of dal. Next to vadai its usili our favorite with vazhaipoo. Cleaning is the time consuming part but its worth the efforts.

What you need:
Channa dal / Kadalai paruppu - 1/2 cup
VazhaiPoo / Banana Flower - 1/2 cup (cleaned, check yotube on detailed menthods)
Onion - 1 , finely chopped
Green chillies - 2 to 3 
Ginger - small piece
Hing -1/4 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp
Curry leaves

How to make:
Soak the washed channa dal for not more than an hour. Rinse the water completely reserve 2 tbsps of channa dal and grind the rest with green chillies, ginger to coarse paste without adding water.

If its too dry, just sprinkle a tsp of water scrap the sides and grind the batter.

Transfer to a bowl add the finely chopped vazhaipoo, onions, reserved channa dal, salt, hing, chopped curry leaves mix well. 

Pinch small ball sized, flatten it in palm and fry them in hot oil on both the sides. Drain it in a kitchen paper and serve them hot with onion chutney (tastes best with this)

1 comment:

  1. Vazhaipoo vadai and usili are only fond memories now.My mom used to make when I was young.These two tasty foods not being popular is due to the laborious and time consuming nature of having to remove the stalk from each flower.
    Once made the vazhaipoo vadai is something very pleasing to taste.
    The excellent picture left me drooling!!!