27 October 2013


Another quick Diwali sweet which can be made in a jiffy. Made this one for my niece so added tutti frutti to it instead of nuts.

Without any second thot made this sweet immediately once Priya jee posted it.
What you need:
1/2 cup - All purpose flour / Maida
1 cup - Sugar
1/4 cup - Ghee
3 tbsp - Water
Few saffron strands
Tutti Frutti / Nuts 

How to make:
In a pan heat half of the ghee and fry maida until nice aroma comes and set aside.

In another pan make one string sugar syrup with water to tis add saffron strands.

Add sugar syrup to the roasted maida mixture add remaining ghee, mix well no lumps should be there add tutti frutti and cook till the mixture gets off from the vessel.

Pour in a greased plate level it and sprinkle some more tutti frutti on top cool it and and slice it.


  1. look stunning esp without no colors adding ! i tried the maida burfi some how it didn't come ! will try this

  2. Very attractive maida burfi, love her the addition of tutti frutti..You have done prefectly..

  3. I am drooling over this burfi.. Bookmarked

  4. Yummy and delicious burfi... Turned out well.. Do visit my blog.. http://kitchenserenity.blogspot.in/

  5. Looks very yummy . Adding tuitty fruity is new and this is going to be kids favourite.

  6. So colorful, have all the ingredients, will try this soon..

  7. Perfectly done Kalps... Wish I were there