03 July 2014


This was thee perfect mango drink i hv ever made.. too yumm and refreshing one. Had bookmarked this recipe from Cook Like Priya when she posted it... The rite time had knocked in as she's hosting a wonderful giveaway on her blog for her 2nd bloggiversary.. Congrats Priya!! 

Her blog has amazing recipes and collections from various regions and espcly many yumm baked goodies.. Have tried her low cal vada curry, Baked samosas (yet to post), Chocolate cake (yet to post) her recipes are flawless and more imply with min ingredients avbl at home. Now enjoy this drink.. you'll love it!!
What you need: Recipe Source - Cook Like Priya
Ripe Mango - 1 no (skin peeled and flesh removed)
Sweet Lime/ Mosambi - 2 nos (juice extracted)
Pineapple Juice - 1/4 cup
Water - 2 cups
Apple - 1 no, finely chopped

How to make:
In a blender add mango pulp and blend well to this add water, mosambi juice, pineapple juice give a stir and transfer to a jar.

In a saucepan add 1/4 cup water add the chopped apples pieces cook for 2 minutes and switch off. Once it cools down add to the prepared juice and stir into the jar. Serve chilled and enjoy

*Add sugar if reqd. The mangoes i used were so sweet that i didn't add in sugar.


  1. wow superb presentation Kalpu, love this juice so much and thanks for that lovely words :) you made my day. Thank you for participating. Hugs

  2. such a refreshing juice recipe

  3. Nice clicks.. refreshing and delicious juice..

  4. Refreshing healthy juice

  5. AnonymousJuly 04, 2014

    Refreshing drink

  6. wow... an interesting combination...

  7. Such a refreshing mocktail. Loved the fruit combinations used. Surely they taste yumm