06 July 2014


Rosematta rice has many nutritional benefits than the white rice which is our staple one. Despite its health benefits consuming this rice for our meals s a bit tougher task.. So i prefer to make idlies n dosa with ths variety rice it gives a dense texture bt still soft n fluffy n grt color tool.. 

This is easily avbl at most of the grocery stores but Abirami Super Market a Kerala spcl super market from the Abirami Appalam Depot group has good quality of these rices stored. I bought the unpolished variety which has lesser glycemic index than the polished ones.. Since i soaked the entire pkt could not click pics.. Made ridge gourd chutney n Mango lassi to go along with these ildies.
What you need:
3 cups - Rosematta rice
1 cup - Uradh dhal
1/4 tsp - Fenugreek seeds
Salt as reqd

How to make:
Soak rice and urad dal sep overnite. Drain the water grind dhal first and the rice second mix them add salt and ferment it.

Pour in idli moulds and steam cook them. Serve hot with chutney / samabar..

What you need for Chutney:
1 cup - Ridge gourd, skin peeled and chopped
1 no - Onion
2 nos - Tomato
3 nos - Green chilli
2 nos - Red chilli
1 tsp - Ginger
2 sprig - Coriander n Mint leaves
Salt as reqd
Hing as reqd
1/2 tsp - Mustard seeds
1 sprig - Curry leaves
1 tsp - Oil

How to make:
Heat half tsp oil in a pan roast all the ingredients except mustard n curry leaves, saute until soft and cool it down. Once cooled grind until smooth add water if reqd and transfer to a bowl. Heat half tsp oil in a small pan crackle mustard seeds add curry leaves saute and add to the chutney.
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