13 August 2014


New pick by me from the Organic store..wheat bran.. They make a great breakfast option and also offers dietary supplements n energy reqd for the body.. No cooking is reqd jus throw in fruits, nuts, yogurt mix it and your breakfast is done.. My sweet craving tooth needed some changes so made tis quick pudding n m done with lesser calories..
What you need: Recipe inspired from ecurry
1/4 cup - Wheat Bran (fine variety)
1/2 cup - Milk
2 tsp - Organic Brown Sugar
2 tbsp - Mixed nuts n dry fruits, chopped
2 drops - Rose essence
1/4 cup - Any fruits of your choice

How to make:
Heat milk and sugar in a pan and cook till they thicken add wheat bran mix well and switch it off.

Add nuts, rose essence and chill it.. Serve chilled with fruits of your choice !!


  1. Interesting and inviting sis... Looks superb...

  2. Very delightful and beautiful dessert, lovely click there..

  3. wow thats a very interesting pudding , and very healthy even :) I learn something when ever I drop here :)