22 September 2014


Friends and relatives keep questioning me "you have quit your job and you sit at home all day aren't you bored??" I don't share tat i blog coz it's not going to surprise em instead they r going to pitty me tat i do vetti velai which is of no use... but tat's never my concern its my passion n so am i.. Only blogging thot me baking at home s sooper fun, cost effective n hygiene too.. 

Baking bread at home is the best stress reliever you forget everything n the full concentration lies in jus baking tat loaf!!  Using of millet flours in baking have become recent favorite of mine n this sooper easy n gluten free finger millet / ragi bread. Which was def worth trying n i fell in love with this loaf. 

This is one no fail bread recipe from Lite bite.
 What you need: 
1/2 cup - Finger millet flour
1/2 cup - Whole wheat flour
2 tbsp - All purpose flour
1 cup - Warm water
1 tbsp - Honey
1 tbsp - Olive oil
1 tbsp - Sesame seeds
2 tsp - Instant dry yeast / 1 tsp - Active dry yeast
1 tsp - Salt 

How to make:
Take a large bowl and combine finger millet, whole wheat flour, 1 tbsp APF, salt, yeast, honey, warm water and make into soft dough.

Place the dough in a bowl and cover it with a lid and allow to rise for an hour or till it doubles. 

Grease a loaf tin. Pull out the dough from the bowl and punch it on a APF dusted floor. Knead it gently with the heel of your palm for 3-4 minutes and place the dough in the greased baking tin.

Sprinkle sesame seeds over the dough, cover with a lid and let it rise again for an hour.

Place the baking tin in hot oven and bake it for 20 minutes or till the crust is golden brown and crisp.

Let  the bread cool completely before slicing it.


  1. Delicious and healthy millet bread. I too would use your recipe and prepare it in this week.

  2. How about giving at the bottom of the post the Tamil and Hindi equivalents to the uncommon words like finger millet.From the look of the loaf in the picture,it has come out well!

  3. bread with ragi flour looks so dense... so good...

  4. Wooww...bread looks amazing and too healthy!!

  5. Wat a fantabulous bread, you are rite, we are nt vetty and we have lot to do at homz. Bread sounds prepared for me i'll make some soon definitely