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Made a tangy orange green tea ginger lemonade for a hot evening!! 

Measurements are approx and it depends as per our wish but this turned out good.

What you need:
Green tea bags - 2
Ginger syrup - 2 tbsp (to 1/4 cup sugar add 3 tbsp ginger, 1/4 cup water boil it, discard ginger cool it and use)
Lemon Juice - 1/4 cup
Water - 1 cup
Orange Juice - 2 cups
Orange slices

How to make:
Prepare green tea as per instructions and cool it.

Mix ginger syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, green tea, water and mix it.

Add orange slices ice and enjoy!!


divya said…
Looks very refreshing... Delish...
Hema said…
So refreshing, just perfect for the hot Indian summer..
Priya R said…
This looks so good and refreshing, can have the whole thing and be super happy :)
DivyaGCP said…
Refreshing lemonade with lovely color! Perfect!
Ms.Chitchat said…
Perfect thirst quencher, awesome clicks and wow, nature's colors.
Vimitha Anand said…
Thats a very flavorful lemonade Kalps. perfect for the summer