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Once the mercury starts raising the go getter is def the tender coconut.. Made best use of the bundles i bought and made a quick cool dessert..

Elaneer payasam a no cook payasam naturally sweet and makes a perfect dessert on a sunny afternoon!!  Achieved the perfect taste i preferred though they were many variations to this recipe tis was apt for my tastebuds!!

What you need:
Tender coconut water - 2 cups
Tender coconut flesh - from 2 coconuts
Condensed milk - 2 tsp (optional)
Coconut milk - 1/4 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Almonds few, chopped

How to make:
In a blender add coconut water, half of the flesh, condensed milk, coconut milk, cardamom powder blend until smooth .

Now pour them into a bowl add the other half of the coconut flesh chopped, the blended mixture, nuts mix well and served chilled!!


nandoos Kitchen said…
nice yummy and inviting payasam. A perfect cooler.
KParthasarathi said…
Wow!! So simple and so delicious.Not all elaneer are sweet and a spoonful sugar may make it tastier.
Anu Anand said…
Delicious and wonderful coolant.
San said…
That's a refreshing kheer for the upcoming summer.
radha said…
Never had a kheer with tender coconut, but with my sweet tooth, I am sure I would love this one
Rafeeda AR said…
this is really awesome!!! so yum...
Sona S said…
Beautiful pic, payasam looks delicious and inviting.
Rajani said…
I love this payasam too. It is so refreshing for summer.