07 April 2014

KATRALAI NEER MOR (Aloe vera butter milk)

Aloe Vera / Katralai extract is a wonder medicine for both external n internal body. Internal consumption helps in controlling diabetes and blood lipids. It's very rich in antioxidants which cures cardiac diseases. 

Buttermilk with aloe vera makes a perfect body coolant and helps in uterus dis orders and also helps women in aiding supportive functions during there menstrual cycle. 

Tempering is optional but it adds up more flavor. 

What you need:
Aloe vera extract - 1/4 cup
Thick curd - 1 cup
Green chilly - 1 no
Ginger - 1 tsp
Coriander - 2 tsp, Curry leaves - 1 sprig, Mint leaves - 1 tsp
Oil - 1/2 tsp
Mustard - 1/4 tsp
Salt as reqd
Asafoetida gen pinch 

How to make:
Beat the curd with 2 cups water and aloe vera extract until smooth. In a blender add ginger, green chilly, curry leaves, mint, coriander add water and blend till smooth strain it and add it to buttermilk mixture.

Add salt and asafoetida and mix well. Temper with oil, mustard and curry leaves and add to the butter milk. 

Refrigerate and serve chilled!!

Sending this to Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday event.


  1. Refreshing.. lovely combination!!

  2. When you say aloe vera extract, you mean the colourless pulp after you have shaved off the green skin?? Mum has tons of aloe vera growing in the garden, am definitely going to try this recipe... I desperately need it to beat the heat!!

    1. Yes it is the gel extract which you get shaving the green parts,..

  3. Delicious and health drink will try to get aloe juice soon :)

  4. this is a double cooler!

  5. yummy and healthy drink

  6. Mindblowing neer mor, wish i get some aloe vera stem here..U rock sis.

  7. Superb healthy drink....I am ur recent follower do visit my blog if u find time....

  8. Today I prepared Amla buttermilk and this is a nice varition. I mix kathalai with lemon juice and drink. never tried butter milk. Nice Idea!!!:-)

  9. Very good coolant for summer.

  10. Thanks a lot for preparing this aloe vera butter milk. This is the perfect antidote to beat the summer heat and a super healthy drink.

  11. wow yummy thirst quencher,lovely click dear...

  12. Aloe vera and buttermilk...perfect cooler to beat the heat

  13. Refreshing drink,love it