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Birthdays are always celebrated with a cake for family members.. This year SH said no cakes / sweets / special menu he wanted to keep it simple and a day as usual.. It was so upsetting that i could't make any thing special.. Finally he agreed for a small scoop of dessert / cake.. 
Strawberries is well in season and its time for a quick dessert!! Sooper easy to make mousse / cheesecake and portions can be controlled if made in small jars / shot glasses. No china grass/ agar agar is used in this mousse. SH jus loved it.. happieee meee..
 What you need:
Digestive Biscuits - 4 nos
Fresh Strawberries - 1 pack
Whipping cream - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 tbsp (add more if reqd)

How to make:
Crush biscuits and fill the bottom layer in the glasses / jars and press well and refrigerate.

Puree strawberries  with sugar and cool it. Beat the cream until soft peaks and cool it.

Add 3/4 portion of strawberry puree to the cream mix well and fill the glass this will be the second layer and chill it until its firm.

Add the leftover strawberry layer, chill it for 4 hrs or more and serve garnished with fresh strawberry n mint leaves. 


Ree Kasirajh said…
So yummmyyy....Just had this mousse yesterday...!!! Loved it!!!
awesome kalpana .... surely a big treat to him . u r special to him
Full Scoops said…
Looks delicious! A favorite among my household too!
Recipe world said…
Aww, delicious!
Cheese cake looks yummy,lovely colors
Rafeeda AR said…
I love such easy to put together desserts... looks and tastes good too...
Sona S said…
wow looks so tempting and yummy..
wow thats a yummy dessert,aishu love strawberries lot:) will make this way next time...
KParthasarathi said…
I am tempted by the beautiful pictures to have this mousse.
Thanks for your regular comments.I can acknowledge only through this comment box.