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VIRGIN MOJITO - Summer Series

Virgin Mojito makes a great summer thirst quencher. This is a sure refreshing drink!! Chennai is getting humid as the days r going by.. A perfect drink is the much needed one once you get bk home..This is easy n quick to prepare drink which has always been my fav.. n continues to beee..
 What you need:
1/2 bunch - Mint leaves
2 - Lemons
1/2 litre - Sprite / Soda 
2 tbsp - Sugar
Ice cubes 
 How to make:
Chop mint leaves, slice the lemons into wedges and remove the seeds. 
In a mortar pestel add in mint leaves, lemon wedges, sugar and mash up until the juices are squeezed out.
Add this to the pitcher, pour over the sprite / soda mix well top with more ice and enjoy!!

Notes: If adding plain soda more sugar is to be added.


anusha praveen said…
Whats not to like about this? The carafe is beautiful, the pics so refreshing and the mojito itself so appealing
KParthasarathi said…
I would rather filter the mix to keep the pounded ingredients away.This is something new to me but can be made easily.Thanks
who say no ? i definitely gulp and ask for one more ! Too good
Rafeeda AR said…
Just look at that! So refreshing... just love the light in your photographs...
beena stephen said…
Refreshing yummy drink
Sona S said…
Looks so refreshing.. lovely pics and a great drink for summers!
Priya Ranjit said…
too refreshing Kalps :) i will definitely try this one ;-)
mullaimadavan said…
Refreshing drink Kalpana! I 'm going to try it!